65 inch Advanced Smart Interactive Display

Unleash the power of collaboration and creativity with our Interactive Whiteboard. This cutting-edge solution combines the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with the interactivity of digital technology. With touch-enabled capabilities, multiple users can engage in collaborative brainstorming, presentations, and interactive lessons. Capture ideas, annotate documents, and seamlessly share content to foster engagement and productivity in educational institutions, boardrooms, training centers, and more.

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Advanced Smart Interactive Display

For next era knowledge sharing

anti-glare display

Zero bonding
Smooth Touch

4K Camera

8 array microphone

Dual channel

Precise Touch

OTA Remote Upgrade

Dual Wifi

Enhanced Usability and

Smooth touch

Zero bonding technology between lcdpanel and cover glass brings brighter viewing and smoother touching experience

Dual Wifi

Dual Wi-Fi modules with both Wi-Fi and hotspot support

Quick Tools

A variety of quick tools, such as annotation, screenshot, etc., improve usability and interaction efficiency.

Precise & smooth touch

High-precision infrared touch technology allows up to 20-point touch, realizing smooth coauthoring.

Bluetooth 5.2

Bluetooth 5.2 offers higher data transmission rate, and lower power consumption.

Instant Casting

Wireless screen mirroring from various operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows to the display with one touch

Fast file transfer

Fast file transfer. Allows users to quickly transfer files to the display via a QR code

Hardware To Immerse
Your Crowd

4k Camera

8MP professional 4k camera for more immersive remote collaboration.

Dual Channel

Dual-channel, 6-array speaker brings high-quality surround sound.

4k UI

4K UI, mobile-level operation, just like use a mobile phone

8 array microphone

Omni-directional 8-array microphone, 8m pickup distance, zero communication distance.

comparison of interactive whiteboards

The Newest Enhanced Iteration


Ultra-narrow and equal-width bezel design for perfect aesthetics.

Elegant and attractive

Minimalist geometric line design and smooth border outline, elegant and attractive.

OTA remote upgrade

OTA remote upgrade. The system can be upgraded online without backing up data.

Pluggable 4K Camera Microphone Module
Pluggable MIC Module


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Resolution 3840*2160 Panel Size  65 inch

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