How to set up your first digital screen

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Here's what you will need:

A HDTV Monitor/Any TV

(with HDMI input)

A Media Player

(No need for an extra stick if your TV is already an Android TV.)

Internet Connection

To upload and update content

Before you get started, plug your media player into your TV/Monitor and connect the player to the internet.

Step 1

Log in to our dashboard Once you have logged in you can start creating your first screen, and add content.

Step 2 (Adding a screen)

Click on screens at the left panel and name your screen then click add screen


Step 3 (Creating Content)

Now you can add your new content. Click on content button at the left panel. There are a few options to let you choose and you can choose the option for your best fit to display it on the screen


Step 4 (Creating Playlists)

Next, you will need to create a playlist.

Click on Playlists on the left hand panel then create a new playlist, and give it a name.



Step 5 (Playlists)

Once your playlist has been created, you will then need to add your content to the playlist.

Click on the “plus icon – 2nd button “  and choose the images/videos you wish to be displayed.

Now that your playlist is ready, it’s time to add a screen!.




Step 6 (Assign Playlists)

The Final step!!

In order for your screen to display the content, you will need to assign the playlist you created. Choose your playlist. Click on the “tv icon – last button”  and select the screen you want it to be displayed on

Your screen is now live!