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Standing Display Digital Signages (Buy/Rent)

Take your messaging on the go with our Portable Standee Display Digital Signages. These versatile displays are designed for easy mobility, making them perfect for events, exhibitions, trade shows, and any location where temporary signage is needed. With their portable and lightweight design, you can quickly set up and showcase dynamic content to engage your audience. The portrait aligned display and flexible positioning options allow for optimal viewing angles, ensuring maximum visibility and impact wherever your visitors are.

Solution Highlight

  • Portable and lightweight design for easy mobility
  • Rental starting from SGD 100
  • Adjustable height and flexible positioning options
  • Ideal for events, exhibitions, and trade shows
floor stand digital Signage display Vue Digital Signage

Why Vue Digital Signage

Our standee displays are designed and assembled with the highest quality to ensure reliability and efficiency.
The exterior is finished with metal sheets layered to give a sturdy yet neat aesthetics suitable for anyone. Coupled with tempered glass to protect your screen from scratches and cracks.
The interior consists of high-quality electronic components and we mainly use LG display panels to ensure our signages are energy efficient, with excellent color saturation, long-lasting, and reducing power consumption without compromising on performance.

Special Standing Signage

  • Buy or rent special standing LCD signage
  • Double sided super slim standing signage
  • Rotatable standing digital signage
  • Outdoor waterproof standing LCD display
  • Standing LCD display with camera, QR code scanner and thermal printer
  • Kiosk type standing LCD digital signage
  • And many more
4 Vue Digital Signage

Standee Digital Signage Types

android Vue Digital Signage

Android Digital Signage

window Vue Digital Signage

Windows Digital Signage

touchscreen Vue Digital Signage

Touch Screen

no touch screen Vue Digital Signage

Non Touch Screen

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