Captivate Audiences on any budget with our Vue cloud CMS

Starting at just

Secured Cloud Based

Remote Management

CMS Backend

Unlimited Storage

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What Vue Digital Signage Cloud CMS can do

Take Control From the Cloud

Manage any screen, anywhere – whether it’s a single monitor or a sprawling video wall.

Effortless updates

Make real-time changes to your content, ensuring your message is always fresh.

Global reach

Control signage across multiple locations with ease.

Bring static to life

Interactive websites

Embed dynamic web content for a truly engaging experience.

Split-screen mastery

Showcase multiple content sources simultaneously, doubling your impact.

Widget wonderland

Choose from a library of widgets like news feeds, weather updates, Instagram galleries, and more

Deeper audience connection

Smiley power

Built-in Smiley Questions let you gather instant feedback with fun emoji reactions.

Visual storytelling

Utilize a global image and video library to create a consistent brand presence.

Analytics that matter

Track audience engagement and optimize your content for maximum impact.

Vue CMS is more than just a digital signage solution.
It's a powerful tool to

Boost brand awareness and engagement

Increase sales and conversions

Improve communication and employee morale

Deliver targeted messaging to specific audiences

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Applicable Usage

  • Office meeting room
  • Conference hall
  • Hotel lobby
  • Shopping malls